June 11, 2024

Among all types of cargo transportation, one of the most difficult is the transportation of oversized cargo and rolling equipment. In fact, everything that does not fit into a container of standard sizes falls into this category of cargo.

Most often, there is a need to transport such oversized cargo from China, such as equipment for production in various industries, special equipment for agricultural, road, construction work, etc. The popularity of these goods from the PRC is easy to explain, because their cost is 2-3 times lower than the cost of similar products from other manufacturing countries.

Methods of delivery of oversized goods from China
Oversized cargo includes various equipment, machinery and structures with the following parameters:

  • more than 4 meters high;
  • length over 20 m;
  • more than 2.55 m wide.

The oversized weight together with transport, as a rule, exceeds 38 tons. Therefore, it is not surprising that organizing the delivery of oversized cargo is not an easy process.

It is possible to deliver oversized cargo from China by any type of transport: sea, air, rail and road. Air transport is considered the least suitable in this regard. First, there are airports not everywhere where there is a need for oversized delivery. Secondly, not every cargo can be transported by plane. And thirdly, this type of transportation is too expensive.

Sea freight is quite cheap and suitable for the delivery of any oversized cargo. During railway transportation, special platforms are used.

In the process of transporting oversized cargo, vehicles are no less popular – due to the relatively low cost of delivery and good road infrastructure. For the transportation of oversized in this case, special vehicles are used (panel carriers, pipe carriers and trawls).

These heavy equipment parts from our partner were delivered in a standard way:

Requirements for the carriage of oversized cargo

Regardless of the transport used, the main condition for high-quality transportation of rolling equipment and oversized cargo is compliance with the rules and regulations for the transportation of oversized cargo. Also, for the specialists of a logistics company, it is extremely important to know the nuances of customs clearance, support oversized items along the entire route and experience in loading and unloading operations.

When organizing the transportation of oversized cargo, it is necessary to take care of special equipment for loading and unloading operations. The load itself must be correctly positioned on the vehicle and carefully secured. Its load must be evenly distributed on the machine axle to avoid overloading. To protect oversized items from the adverse effects of the external environment, you need to take care of reliable packaging.