December 9, 2022
6 signs of a bad clutch

In this material, we have collected alarming signs that may indicate breakdowns

It is important to remember that malfunctions in the car should be diagnosed by qualified specialists. This article will come in handy in order to feel something is wrong as soon as possible and come to the service station as soon as possible.

Extraneous noise when the clutch is depressed

If the noise appears when the clutch is depressed, it is the release bearing that has been given a load. It means it is worn out and needs to be replaced. If the noise turns into a clang and it seems that something is about to fly apart, in addition to the release bearing, the Belleville spring has worn out.

The release bearing is sold separately, it is relatively inexpensive, but to replace it you will have to remove the gearbox. Usually, with such a malfunction, the clutch kit is completely changed so as not to remove the gearbox and do everything again after 20 thousand kilometers. If the clutch disc is in good condition, you can only change the release bearing.

Clutch slipping

When the friction linings on the clutch disc are worn, the force of the pressure plate drops, so the clutch begins to slip. Each time the situation gets worse. This is not always felt in the early stages, but eventually the car stops moving in gear. Getting to the service will not work, you will have to call a tow truck.

To understand in advance that the friction lining is worn out, move in fourth or fifth gear, maintain 1500-2000 rpm and squeeze the gas pedal to the floor. If the clutch slips, the tachometer needle will crawl up, the speedometer needle will remain in place, and the car will not accelerate. A good clutch does not behave like this under any circumstances.

When should you call a tow truck?

It is important not to delay the repair: the slipping clutch gets very hot, there is a risk of damaging the plastic release bearing housing, crankshaft and gearbox input shaft oil seals, which means spending more on spare parts and work.

Car jerks when starting to move

This may indicate both malfunctions of the clutch drive, in which it is released unevenly relative to the pedal, and damage to the clutch mechanism.

Another symptom can be caused by a broken belleville spring or a flywheel that has been driven away by temperature.

Clutch pedal does not return to its original position

If the clutch pedal remains in the floor and it is impossible to shift into gear, then the clutch has not been pressed. Most likely a problem with the master or slave cylinder. Here’s why it might happen:

  1. Air in the clutch circuit. Use a special fitting, try to bleed the clutch circuit. It is also necessary to identify the cause of airing. Perhaps the line between the cylinders is leaking or one of the cylinders is leaking.
  2. Faulty master or slave cylinder. The seal on the piston may wear out, and it will move in the cylinder, but will not be able to create or perceive brake fluid pressure.

If the clutch pedal remains in the floor and the gears shift smoothly, but the car does not drive, the clutch mechanism is faulty:

  1. The release bearing is stuck on the bushing. He will not allow the basket to move back and engage the clutch.
  2. Belleville spring is broken. She can no longer press on the clutch disc and close it.
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  5. Something crunches when switching gear
  6. This happens when the clutch is not disengaged or is not fully disengaged. In this case, the problem is with the clutch drive.

Hydraulic drive. There is some air in the system, which does not allow the clutch to be fully depressed. It’s worth trying to bleed the clutch circuit.

The mechanical drive is incorrectly adjusted. Usually this is a cable and a stud with a nut.

This happens when the clutch disc is installed incorrectly. There is an inscription Gearbox Side on the clutch disc – so that no one messes up anything during installation and puts the disc correctly, it should face the gearbox. Unfortunately, sometimes locksmiths or car owners make mistakes. It’s good that this is not always possible: usually in this case the basket simply will not fall into place.

Clutch slips, cabin smells of burnt oil

This happens if the crankshaft oil seal or gearbox input shaft is leaky. The oil gets on the friction linings, they are impregnated with this oil and stop working. There is a characteristic smell of burnt engine oil.

It is unlikely that the clutch disc can be cleaned, so it will have to be replaced.