December 9, 2022
Wave generators by Sea Wave Energy

Sea Wave Energy Ltd is promising to reduce the cost of generating energy from its Waveline Magnet wave generator to an astonishingly low $0.01/kWh. This is 80 times less than the accepted estimate for this generation method according to the LCoE formula, and the lowest cost figure for generating energy from any source known to mankind. But there is a small nuance – for ten years of work, Sea Wave Energy Ltd has not built or sold a single full-fledged wave power plant.

If you go to the site of another company Albatern, no less famous in the past, which developed its promising wave generation technology WaveNet, we will see a modest stub there. As for the Waveline Magnet technology, its developers, after ten years of work, are still collecting and analyzing test data, so the collected information is not publicly available. But there are advertising publications that indicate that the system works at “any wave height”, and the more severe the elements, the better the energy generation is.

The principle of operation of “Waveline Magnet” is extremely simple: movable floats are interconnected by levers that are connected to generators. The system analyzes the strength of the wave and automatically adjusts to it to ensure maximum efficiency with every movement. Journalists managed to get an interim report from the Centrale Nantes laboratory, which indicates that the prototype, 32 m long and weighing 1.8 tons, showed a peak power of 1.4 kW during testing.

It’s easy to calculate that the 100-megawatt wave power plant advertised by Sea Wave Energy Ltd should be 71,429 times larger than the prototype. With less power, profitability will become problematic, but how difficult will it be to create and assemble such a structure? And how much will it cost a potential customer? Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that the generally interesting idea of ​​wave generators has not yet found practical implementation.