Lego has partnered with NASA to release the most detailed model of the Discovery shuttle. The set, indexed 10283, was dedicated to an important date in the history of the development of space research – the 40th anniversary of the first shuttle flight.

The Discovery model is made on a scale of 1:70, length is 53 centimeters, width is 34. The shuttle consists of 2354 parts. The cargo hold accommodates the Hubble telescope. Discovery has high detail and a lot of moving elements: for example, the wing empennage works. This is not the first shuttle in the Lego line, but the largest of them all.

The first shuttle flight took place on April 12, 1981, and the mission was performed not on Discovery, but on Columbia. However, this shuttle crashed on February 1, 2003 – apparently, in order to avoid dark memories, the designer was made on the basis of the shuttle, which successfully completed all missions. By the way, Discovery has the most of them: 39 launches.

The Lego Space Shuttle Discovery set was estimated at $ 200.